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Mod Organizer 2,” the successor of Mod Organizer 1, was designed to manage 64-bit games like Fallout 4. It is maintained by developers of all backgrounds and is preferred due to its usability, detailed information(regarding modding) logging to the user, and keeping the game’s folder clean.

Moreover, it loads the plugins promptly and gives the user more control over what is happening with the game. It also resolves the crashing issues faced in the other software while managing mods.

MO2 is the predecessor of Vortex, and it has flexible support, but it is complex for newbies. Creating the required plugin load order and desired conflicting mods order is faster and more convenient.

Using MO2 as a mod manager can be somewhat challenging, as some hidden functionalities affect game modding. Therefore, getting handy with modding via research is recommended to get started with this particular mod manager.

What is Mod Organizer 2?

Mod organizer 2

Mod Organizer 2” is an open-source mod manager primarily utilized for Bethesda games. It is a free project that depends on people contributing their leisure time to fixing bugs and making improvements.

It is vital as it manages the mods and resolves conflict issues effectively. It can be a valuable tool if utilized to its full potential, aligning with intermediate or advanced users.

How Does Mod Organizer 2 Work?

Mod Organizer 2 (MO2) is a free and open-source mod manager for Bethesda games, such as Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Oblivion. MO2 is a powerful tool that allows users to install, manage, and organize mods without affecting the game files.

MO2 creates a virtual file system that isolates the game files from the mod files. Instead of modifying the game files directly, MO2 creates a separate folder structure that contains all the necessary files for the mods. This approach has several advantages over mod managers, such as BG3 Mod Manager and Vortex.

One of MO2’s main advantages is that it allows users to install multiple versions of the same mod without overwriting each other. This is achieved by creating a separate folder for each mod version and then loading the appropriate version based on the user’s selection.

Another advantage of MO2 is that it allows users to create custom profiles, which can be used to switch between different mods and game settings. This is useful for users who want to play different modded games or switch between heavily modded and vanilla games.

It also includes several features that make it easier to manage mods, such as a built-in conflict detector, which alerts users if two mods are incompatible. It also includes a plugin sorter, which ensures that the plugins are loaded in the correct order, preventing crashes and other issues.

Features of Mod Organizer 2

Following are some of the great features of Mod Organizer 2:

Installation of Mods: It allows users to install the mods instantly rather than follow a manual approach.

Easy Layout: The separators in Mod Organizer 2 provide a convenient layout and accurate load order and enable flexible modification of the mods.

Categories Selection: An unlimited number of categories can be added to a mod, and a primary category can also be selected conveniently.

Profile Handling: MO2 enables users to create multiple profiles conveniently with varying mod setups and settings.

Linking of Mod: A mod can be linked to a Nexus mod page. This helps MO2 check the mods’ main page for updates and fixes.

Flexibility: MO2 is flexible compared to other software, enabling the user to manually create the file structure while the installation is carried out.

Wide Support: MO2 supports 64-bit games such as Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4, as well as all the 32-bit games compatible with MO1.

Mod Organizer 2 Download For PC

Tool NameMod Organizer 2
Size135 MB
PC RequirementsWindows 10 and 11
Developed byTannin
Released Date15 December 2016


How do you install Mod Organizer 2 on the PC?

To install Mod Organizer 2 on a PC, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Download Mod Organizer 2

First of all, redirect to the “Mod Organizer 2” site. Scroll down, and in the “Files” tab, click on the “Download Mod Organizer 2” button to download Mod Organizer 2:

Step 2: Launch the Setup

After the installation is done, launch the “.exe” installer:

In the next step, accept the License and hit “Next”:

Step 3: Specify the Destination Folder

Opt for the destination directory and click “Next”:

Step 4: Select Components and Start Menu Folder

In the next pop-up, keep up with the default install settings and hit “Next”:

In the following pop-up, choose a Start menu folder name and hit “Next”:

Mark the checkbox if you want to create a desktop shortcut. Otherwise, leave it unchecked and click “Next”:

Review your selection and trigger “Install” to install the setup:

This installs the Mod Organizer 2 on the system and lastly, click “Finish” to complete the installation:

Important Tip: While the installation is in progress, Windows Security or an antivirus probably identifies a file(s) in the MOD2 installation as malicious. Trust that file and proceed with the installation to avoid such a situation.

MO2 Configurations

The Mod Organizer 2 can be used in the following modes:

  1. Portable
  2. Instanced

Configuration in Portable Mode

To configure MO2 in this mode, one should download an individual copy of MO for each game that needs to be managed. The only issue with this mode is the redundancy of the MO application.

Configuration in Instanced Mode

To configure MO2 in instanced mode, a single MO installation is needed to organize mods of multiple games or mod builds of the game. It can be considered an extension of the MO’s profile system, acting as an independent profile that implements a particular game.

How Does It Compare To Other Similar Software?  ( Mod Organizer 2 Vs Vortex Mod Manager )

Both MO2 and Vortex correspond to MOD manager tools that streamline load order issues. Both of these tools can be compared based on the following factors:

FactorMod Organizer 2

VirtualisationMO2 virtualises the folders efficiently by downloading mods in the MO2 folder.It installs mods via hardlinks which is not an appropriate approach for virtualizing folders.
Nulls ModsMO2 enables you to create null mods.The null mods can’t be created in Vortex.
Deploy and Game Startup

MO2 has a longer game startup.

Vortex, however, has a long deployment procedure.
User Level

MO2 is good for intermediate to advanced users and is challenging for beginners.Vortex is recommended and handy for beginners.
Load Order Management

MO2 manages the load order effectively.Vortex lacks this functionality of making changes to the load order.

MO2 throughout has the same complexity irrespective of the number of installed mods.Vortex works fine with a small mod list; however, it can become challenging when custom rules are applied.

To sum up, Vortex functions great if you tend to use around 20 mods or so. After exceeding this number of mods, user involvement is needed to manage the conflicts manually. This is where the MO2 comes into effect, as it doesn’t do anything in the background for the user. Instead, the knowledge is acquired by you for using MO2 to add mods in a large number.

Advantages of Mod Organizer 2

Below are some of the benefits of using MO2 as a mod manager:

  • Mods are not downloaded in the game folder but are contained in their folders.
  • Enabling or Disabling the mods doesn’t need any file transfers.
  • The order in which mods are downloaded can also be edited via drag & drop.
  • The users can modify the entire setup via clicks by utilizing various profiles of enabled mods.
  • It can manage mod collections of arbitrary sizes. It is such that it is created for users who like to play with mods and require a
  • convenient method to install or uninstall the mods.
  • It uses a Virtual File System (VFS) rather than installing the mods into the game’s data directory.

Games Supported By Mod Organizer 2

Mod Organizer 2 is a popular mod management tool for PC games that supports various titles. Here is a list of some of the games that are supported by Mod Organizer 2:

  1. Starfield
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  4. Fallout 4
  5. Fallout 3
  6. Fallout: New Vegas
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  9. Enderal: Forgotten Stories
  10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  11. Gothic 2
  12. Gothic 3
  13. Divinity: Original Sin 2
  14. Path of Exile
  15. Elex
  16. Grim Dawn
  17. Pillars of Eternity
  18. Tyranny
  19. Wasteland 2
  20. Age of Decadence

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why MO2 is Preferred Over Other Mod Manager Tools?

    MO2 is preferred due to its easy usage, and keeping the game directory clean which resultantly manages the mods efficiently.

  • What Games Does MO2 Support?

    MO2 supports several games such as “Kingdom Come: Deliverance — GOG / STEAM / Epic”, “METAL GEAR SOLID 2 and 3”, “Mirror’s Edge”, etc.

  • Can Mod Organizer 2 Be Used For CyberPunk?

    Yes, MO2 supports Cyberpunk.

  • Can the MO2 be Moved to Another Drive?

    Yes, it has a portable mode, which allows the MO2 folder to be moved to another location.

  • Can the Mods Directly be Installed From Nexus in MO2?

    Yes, the mods can be installed directly via Nexus as MO2 has a default support for Nexus Mods.

  • What is the Difference Between MO1 and MO2?

    The main difference between MO1 and MO2 is that in MO1, the virtual file system is not compatible with 64-bit games while MO2 supports these games. Another core difference is that MO1 contains a special system to organize Bethesda Archives (BSAs) which is lacking in MO2.

  • Where are the Backups Stored in MO2?

    As per the default installation of Mod Organizer 2, the Instance directory, the Mods, and Profiles are stored in “%AppData%”.

  • Can Two Mod Managers Can be Used Simultaneously?

    Using two mod managers at the same time is generally not recommended.

  • Is it Appropriate to Use MO for Managing Multiple Games?

    Multiple games cannot be added to a single MO installation but there can be multiple individual MO installations.

  • Does the MO Check for Mod Updates Automatically?

    No, MO does not analyse the updates automatically. Instead, the user can right-click the mod list and click on “Check all for update.” This will check all mods for the latest version and mark the outdated ones with red.

  • What Actions are Required to Backup my MO installation?

    The directories that need to be backed up before performing a reinstallation are:

    • Downloads: It stores all the archives from Nexus.
    • Mods: It contains the installed mods.
    • Profiles: It has all the defined profiles.


Mod Organizer 2 ” or “MO2” refers to an open-source program built to streamline the downloading and management of mods for all the target users, i.e., beginners, intermediate, and experts. It depends on a virtual file system to deploy mods at runtime. This enables and disables mods effectively, cleanly, and without affecting other mods or the game.