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How to Mod Starfield With Mod Organizer 2?

Starfield was released in September 2023, and after its release, hundreds of mods gained popularity on NexusMods. Starfield has emerged to improve gameplay and convenience for end users. It also enables users to organize and install mods conveniently, and therefore, it has proven to be a tremendous modding community for users.

What is Mod Organizer 2?

Mod Organizer 2 is an open-source mod manager that works best for professional games. It helps to organize the installed mods and enables users to customize Starfield conveniently. This allows users to manage all the mods while keeping the game intact. If one needs to include any mod, MO2 can incorporate it into the game.

How to Install Starfield on the PC?

To install Starfield on the PC/laptop, consider the below-given steps:

Step 1: Install Steam

First of all, download “Steam”(Platform for playing and discussing the games):

After the download is completed, open the executable setup file and traverse through its installation by clicking “Next”:

Finally, trigger “Finish” to complete the installation:

Step 2: Create a Steam Account

Create a Steam account(for new users) by clicking “Create a Free Account” or sign in to the existing account:

Here, input your DOB to prove your eligibility for using the software:

This will redirect you to the main interface of the Stream app. Here, open the “STORE” tab, input “starfield” in the search box, and navigate to the “Starfield” game:

Step 3: Add the Game to Cart

Add the “Starfield” game to the cart to purchase it:

After buying the game(paid), you can opt for the drive in which it needs to be installed. Once it is installed, switch to the “LIBRARY” tab, search for Starfield, and you can start playing the game:

How to Mod Starfield With Mod Organizer 2?

Starfield” can be modded with “Mod Organizer 2” using the following methods:

Method 1: Using “Starfield Script Extender”

The below steps mod starfield with MO2 with the help of SFSE:

Step 1: Install SFSE

First, install SFSE:

After the installation is done, extract the setup and move the “sfse_1_x_x.dll” and “sfse_loader” files to the downloaded Starfield’s Steam directory, most probably located at “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield” path:

Step 2: Download Mod Organizer 2 Beta

Redirect to this link, log in to your Discord account, and you will be welcome in the Discord Mod Organizer 2 channel. Here, choose the “dev-builds” option in the “DEV RELEASES” section and download the latest MO2 version by following the “Installer” link:

Step 3: Add Starfield as a Game and Create an Executable

Now, open Mod Organizer 2 and include Starfield as a game. Also, create a new executable by clicking the “+” icon in the “Modify Executables” window. After that, name the executable as “SFSE” and configure the binary to where the “sfse_loader.exe” file is extracted in the Starfield Steam directory and save the made changes:

Step 4: Enable ESM Support for Starfield

Now, navigate to “Tools->Settings”:

Here, enable ESM support by configuring “enable_plugin_management” to “true” in the “Plugins” tab against the “Starfield Support Plugin” option:

Note: The above step is unnecessary if you install the MO2 beta 15+ version.

Step 5: Execute the Game

Lastly, to execute the game, open the “Steam” app and launch Mod Organizer 2. After that, execute the SFSE executable via the “Run” button in MO2.

Method 2: By Creating a Global Instance

The Starfield can also be modded in MO2 by creating a global instance in Mod Organizer.


  • Install or repair “Visual Studio C++ Redistributable”.
  • Reinstall Starfield: This step ensures that Starfield is not corrupt or lacking files. This can be done by right-clicking the Starfield game and clicking “Properties”:

Now, hit the highlighted option in the “Installed Files” section:

Step 2: Install Mod Organizer 2

Recall the method for installing MO2 from the Discord channel.

Step 3: Create a Global Instance

Now, open MO2 and create a global instance:

Step 4: Select Starfield

In the next pop-up, opt for “Starfield” or browse if it is not evident in the list of games:

Next, select the directories where the data, such as profiles and overwrite data, needs to be stored by marking the “Show Advanced options” checkbox. After the folders are configured, click “Next”:

Hit “Finish” to create an instance accordingly:

This will start Mod Organizer 2.

Step 5: Configure Startfield

Click the gear icon in Mod Organizer 2 at the top to open Settings:

Here, make sure that the “Compact list” option is marked to streamline the downloading of mods, and also check both the options in the “Updates” settings:

Also, open the “Nexus” tab and ensure you are connected to Nexus. Otherwise, connect to it by clicking the “Connect to Nexus” button:

Step 6: Install a Mod

Install a mod, i.e., StarInventory in this case, by switching to the download link and selecting “Manual”:

In the next window, opt for “Slow Download” to download the mod:

After that, a prompt will ask whether to open the mod manager. Choose “Yes” and open the mod manager, where the downloaded mod will appear in “Downloads.” Right-click on it and hit “Install”:

Lastly, configure the settings for the mod as per the requirements and click “Next”:

Here, click “Install” to install the mod accordingly:

How to Install Mods in Starfield via BethINI Performance INI Editor?

To incorporate the mods in MO2 Starfield, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install “BethINI Performance INI Editor”

To install mods in Starfield, the game must be enabled to analyze these mods. To accomplish this, download the “BethINI Performance INI Editor” software:

Step 2: Select the Game

After the download is completed, extract it and open it. Choose the game, i.e., “Starfield” in this case, and hit “Select Game”:

After that, mark the “Load Loose Files” checkbox. Also, open the “File” tab from the top left and click “Save”:

Step 3: Download Mod Organizer 2

Now, you have to download the Mod Manager from the Mod Organizer 2 Website:

Step 4: Launch MO2 and Create an Instance

After the installation is done, open MO2 and create a “portable instance” to allocate a portion for the Starfield mods:

Lastly, choose “Starfield” to include the mods.

Note: Specify the data path so the mods can work appropriately in the game.

Useful Mods For Starfield Mod Organizer 2

Below are some of the appealing mods for MO2 Starfield:

NaturaLUTs: It enhances the game graphics by transforming the default tones into colors close to the real world. It also offers an interactive experience with the OLEDs.

StarUI: It is an enhanced interface that simultaneously compares various items.

Starfield Performance Optimizer: It improves the overall game’s performance and quality, contributing positively to the user’s experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is Starfield Compatible With Mod Organizer 2?

MO2 supports both “My Games” and “Game” data directories which implies that it streamlines the process of modding Starfield and is therefore compatible with it.

Q – Which Mod Manager Works Best With Starfield?

The best mod managers for Starfield using the Starfield mods to be configured are “Mod Organizer 2” or “Vortex”.

Q – Is Modding Starfield Safe?

Yes, it is safe to mod Starfield. These mods are thoroughly scanned via Nexus to ensure that they are secure and not harmful(avoiding malware and viruses) to your system.

Q – How Much Size Does Starfield Require?

Starfield consumes 139.84GB for Windows PCs and 126.1GB for Xbox.

Q – Does Starfield Mod Have User Support?

Yes, the Starfield mod had technical support even before it was released.

Q – Do Starfield Mods disable/block achievements?

Starfield on the system disables unlocking achievements if the save has enabled mods.


The Mod Organizer 2 Starfield is revolutionary for users with mixed opinions on the game. With time, improvements are deployed to improve performance and content wherever needed. Starfield is generally a huge success for Bethesda. It has improved the game’s overall user experience by enhancing the end users’ quality and performance.

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